I just need the flyback transformer simulation model can you mail me?????? Hi Christ If you use the flyback transformer to power a small SGTC, then the audio modulation will not get through and if it does, it will only be very short burst and nowhere near audio modulation quality. Mads you know why? Very bright arcs, very powerful flyback. November 10, at I have a question: Proudly powered by WordPress.

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June 17, at But still its a great circuit http: They are used for generating high voltage for the CRT, which is needed to create an electric field, which in turn accelerates electrons towards the screen, which finally excite phosphors and create the image you see.

Forums New posts Search forums. What program do you use to make your schematics? The other adjusts the duty cycle and makes it possible to adjust how much power is put into the arc, low power gives thinner arc and high power gives thicker and hotter arcs.

555 Audio modulated flyback

October 27, at To obtain a high frequency variable duty cycle drive signal we can use the timer. I also burned my finger!

The current then causes the voltage at the mosfet drain to increase in an attempt at allowing current to flow. August 11, at Hey ebenvios Would you like to tell me what to describe in more details? There are some basic rules of thumb that I will just list here to start with, I will come with an explanation later on.


June 28, at Simply take the HV lead and bring it near the pins on the bottom.

Hi Erick You got down to the essence of the problem and this is also written in that start of this article, the is grossly underrated for driving a MOSFET gate, it really should have help from a transistor pair clyback a gate drive IC.

For music modulation the thin arcs work the best.

Compared to the old frequency I now have a longer and more silent flyhack. I have built your driver as closely as I could with parts from RadioShack but I cant get any spark. Hello Aiden Using the original primary windings would require that you do not exceed the driving specifications of the primary coil, you will risc internal arcing that will lead to the destruction of your old and precious flyback transformer.

2n flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

Hi Mads At first test i got best sparks with the iron core f,yback did not try without after the mod. I have had no problems with overheating it. If someone tells me how to post a picture that i have on my PC, i will post a schematic of the circuit that i am going to use.

Adam Mizban December 24, at As you say yourself, the direction of the winding, or as its called the phasing of the feedback coil could be opposit of the primary coil and thus be driving 5555 degrees out of phase, try to switch the feedback connections around.


February 16, at It is easy to hook up and is bulletproof. Its saturation region is another story.

November 23, at I have 2 TIP35C transistors and some 2Ns, both of which seem to be working with maybe only minor damages. I hear a very high pitched whine composed of very rapid pulses, and they can go slower with the change in the tuning potentiometer.

Do you believe it will? May you please extend them a bit from next time? Hey frejatet If the circuit is pulling current and you have a whistling sound from the flyback transformer, I will assume that the circuit actually works. I used a 12VDC mA, and it was also connected as you say it should, if you look at the bottom picture of my assembly you can see that the 0VDC is looped into a separate wire going to the source pin.

June 19, at June 5, at