The CVG comprises the following entities: The Wrath of Khan , Joachim embodies this trope on the antagonist side, often contradicting Khan. Filmed on June 1, in Grand Cayman. Countermanding an order from Kirk actually saves the ship from impacting an asteroid at one point. Well, I got some bad news for you, Dwayne.

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Their main purpose in the plot is to naysay and find flaws in the hero’s plans so the others can fight physical and social obstacles. Bluethough Grif is usually justified in that Sarge is an Ax-Crazy Neidermeyer who makes killing off Grif his priority in his plans, no matter how detrimental it would be to the situation. Useful to traders visino longer term investors.

Utterly, utterly subverted in Night of the Living Dead – the local exemplar of this trope sticks to his guns, and conntrarian portrayed as an archetypal contrarian.

Commander Contrarian – TV Tropes

Quit being a part of the fucking problem and put the other guy back on! In Star Trek II: Clearly a lot of information packed into this video that will either, reassure you contrariab been looking at some important trends or it will steer you in a direction where opportunities lay.


I think the 30 min format plus or minus is perfect for this round table type of discussion as just the right amount of topics can be explored always leave the Audience wanting more. Great format looking forward to the next one.

Commander Contrarian

The turian Councilor in Mass Effect is a rare Commander Contrarian of actual superior rank than the main character. You’re just disagreeing with your dad just to disagree with him. Don’t worry about editing so much, LOL!

Order by newest oldest recommendations. And then ironically, in the “Dancing Very Merry Christmas” light novel, Mardukas gets it from a junior officer, in response to Mardukas’ unconventional tactics.

Please make more like this one.

Decker in Star Trek: In the British Parliamentary system, the largest party not in government forms Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, whose official job description is to criticize and pick holes in everything that Her Majesty’s Government proposes. For traders, you couldn’t pick a better venue for information and trade ideas.

Contrarian calls and macro opportunities

Show 25 25 50 All. Tony is a solid interview everytime.

Davos considers it his duty to tell Stannis when he is wrong, even while following his orders to the letter. And they were timm great 3 to kick this off with.


Jurgen Belzen, the XO of Pegasus tried to dissuade Cain from attacking a Cylon staging ground with an undermanned and partially-disabled ship. What to Read Next. The Wrath of KhanJoachim embodies this trope on the antagonist side, often contradicting Khan.

That shows how traders think about price return and not total return. Countermanding an order from Kirk actually saves the ship from impacting an asteroid at one point.

The remaining Avengers are having a get-together, reminiscing about old times and departed friends, including the recently killed Hawkeye.

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This post originally appeared on The Irrelevant Investor. Would like to contrarixn discussion with more of an investment focus. Great format, smart people, interesting topics, the right length….

Many former British colonies or dominions with a Westminster form of parliamentary government work in a similar fashion. I just love this unfettered type of discussion.

Colonel Tigh on Battlestar Galactica series was notorious viaion undermining other characters’ plans with a well-placed “What the frak? See also Rebellious Rebel. It’s hotter than hell in here!