Very interesting to read this. Low operating and USB suspend current. I use Ubuntu More work and it may not be possible for FTDI to determine what silicon their drivers are talking too. As of today I stand corrected: Counterfeiting is a massive issue globally and shows how fragile supply chains can be.

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When I wrote the driver there were only a few chip types.

drivers – Ubuntu using a serial terminal with a FTDI chip usb virtual comport – Ask Ubuntu

Ft2332rq was I could get hold of stuff to do decapping at home. Also would be interesting to see if the fake FT works properly with Linux drivers. USB bulk transfer mode. Most distros will include the driver by default. Sent a chip to FTDI, and they confirmed it was fake.

But that is my opinion. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I look at anything coming from ebay as at the least, a cheap source of premade boards.

Low operating and USB suspend current. This is what the lines in the. You are commenting using your Facebook account. FTDI for making the specifications for the device available, and providing me with their new product when I started writing this.


In-built support for event characters and line break condition. See the script for the loopback plug assumed configuration.

FT232RL: Real Or Fake?

But for some connectors, most electronic modules power management, RFand component assortments ceramic caps, resistors to quickly fill out a parts collection, ordering direct from the Orient is linyx way to go. Thomas Jarosch for prompting me to actually update this page and for his libftdi work which has meant I don’t get hassled about things that shouldn’t really be done lijux a serial driver. Learn how your comment data is processed. Not that hard really since all the chips where off the self on the PC.

Compared to the real chip, the fake chip has two types of SRAM etched in the silicon — evidence this chip was pieced together from different layouts.

All purchased on Ebay. Would be interesting to do something similar with the apparently more common PL We make plenty of garbage here.

FTDI SIO, 8U232AM and 245 Linux USB serial driver

A further clue may be where you got it and what you paid for it. Any serial application which talks to the device using just the termios interface will probably work.


A fake chip could subtly weaken an encryption key, vt232rq making it easier for a third party to decrypt comms. Zanna 50k 13 For my own sentimental reasons I’ve kept a copy of the original websites here.

The modprobe above will only work if the driver can figure out the chip type. The modified driver looks like this: But they test what works and what not before put it on the market. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

But if i want to take a arduino board where the ftdi real one then, from where should i buy it? What do I have to ,inux for additional installations like virtual comport-driver, connecting hardware to “linux-files” like ” For this to work you need a standard serial interface so you can use off the shelf tools like terminal emulators and palm pilot software.